To Summarize these products:

Life's Abundance and Nature's Select are holistic foods without artificial colors, flavors and unnecessary fillers.

Both have NO corn, NO Wheat and NO glutens
Both have NEVER been recalled.

Both use high-quality proteins, have a unique antioxidant system, omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Life's Abundance offers an "All Life Stages" food which replicates the natural feeding cycle of dogs in the wild or natural environment.

NuVet Plus supplement boosts the immune system of our dogs and extends their lives by eliminating and healing most common dog ailments such as:

Skin and Coat Problems
Scratching, Itching, Biting
Hot Spots
Arthritis and Joint Problems
Premature Aging
Low Energy Level
Diabetes and Liver Problems
Cataracts and Tumors
Digestive Problems
Heart Disease

Because this supplement is so important to the health of our dogs, our 2 year health warranty on our puppies now requires NuVet Plus for the first year of life while they mature from puppies to adolescents. We also offer an extended 3 year warranty for those that continue on NuVet Plus for 3 years. 

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All our breeding dogs undergo stringent health testing before entering into our breeding program. 

In compliance with the Australian Labradoodles breed club's (ALAA, ALCA) guidelines, our breeding dogs are tested for the following:

Hip Dysplasia: One of the following:
OFA, Dr. Wallace, or PennHip
Elbows: OFA
Eyes: OFA and PRA 

In addition to these minimum health tests we also have our dogs DNA profiled, and test for the following:

Patallae: OFA
Cardiac: OFA
von Willebrand's Disease (vWD)
Degenerative Myleopothy Disease 
Exercise Induced Collapse Disease (EIC)
Thyroid Disease 


Because of our commitment to provide the highest quality puppies to our customers, we researched for the highest quality nutrition we could find in a kibble to provide optimum health for our beloved doodles. After testing a few quality foods, we discovered Life's Abundance and Nature's Select offered superior nutrition and health benefits to our dogs. In addition we supplement daily with a NuVet Plus wafer to boost their immune system and protect them against the free radicals they are exposed to throughout life.