We are a small in-home breeder of allergy-friendly Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles. Non-shedding, odor free, highly intelligent, easy to train, with friendly temperaments, they make loving companion animals and exceptional service and therapy dogs.

Our breeding dogs are loving members of families (ours and our Guardian homes) who are spoiled with affection and attention as house pets, never kept in kennels!

With the help of our 7 grandchildren, neighborhood children, and the children in our Guardian homes, our puppies are exposed to people of all ages and are well-socialized.

We are located in the windy desert of southern Colorado near the Rocky Mountains, our dogs favorite playground!

Please explore our website to find out how you can adopt one of these amazing dogs as your next family member! 
Desert Winds Labradoodles
Pueblo West, Colorado
Owner/Breeder: Tracy Wynn
(719) 252-1984
FAX: (615) 552-1984
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Brooke watches her favorite movie:
"Hotel for Dogs"
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Boy Five - Blue Collar
Desert Winds Crystal Blue Persuasion 
and Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red

Crystal and Johnnie's 9 Puppies were born on
 May 25, 2018.

4 Girls and 5 Boys

Desert Winds Forever Autumn 
and Tampa Bay's Heavenly Ho Ho Hunter

Autumn and Hunter's 7 puppies were born on 
May 28, 2018.

5 Girls and 2 Boys
Desert Winds Maggie Mae
This medium caramel/cream and white female puppy is in need of a local Guardian home.  To see if you qualify to be a Guardian for Maggie Mae, please go to our Learn More/Guardian Home page for details.
Desert Winds Maggie Mae
DOB: April 19. 2018