Available For Sale/Trade to Approved Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle Breeders
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At Desert Winds Labradoodles we reserve the right to retain puppies as prospective breeding stock for our program or for sale or trade with other approved breeder's programs.

If you are an approved Australian Labradoodle breeder, interested in a breeding prospect puppy from Desert Winds Labradoodles, here is how it works:

When we have a new litter we will post here what the dogs produced: ie: color including markings, gender, and estimated size at maturity. 

At 7 weeks of age we have our puppies temperament tested by a qualified tester, and examined by a veterinarian for breeding vs pet quality.  

All puppies, both pets and breeding prospects must be paid in full at 7 weeks of age, and sales contracts signed. 

So you must make your final decision and purchase your puppy on that date.  Any puppies not paid for on that date, will be sold to the families waiting on the Breeder Cancellation list for that litter. 

Following are testimonials of Australian Labradoodle breeders about the breeding prospect puppies we have placed.
Desert Winds Blessed Sarah
Adopted by Canadoodles Australian Labradoodlesa
Hi Tracy,

Sarah is a little treasure – I was just thinking this morning that I should let you know how she is doing.  We really like her personality – she is bouncy and cheeky and calm and gentle all rolled into one pup. LOL

Karen McCay of British Columbia, Canada

Desert Winds Carling
Adopted by Canadian Doodle Puppies 
Hi Tracy,

Please forgive my delinquency in following up with news on Carling.  She is a DOLL!   She looks like a stuffed teddy bear and she is super sweet.   She was with me for a week or two and then I found a guardian home for her.   Fortunately, they live 2km from me and are really nice people so I expect I will see a lot of her.   She was back this past weekend as the family went out of town.

Thanks so much for sending her to me.   Contact me any time for updates.....

Best regards,

Linda Anglin of Ontario, Canada

CDesert Winds Night at Moxies
Adopted by Dare to Dream Labradoodles 
Hi Tracy,

Moxie is doing great! She is definitely my dog. She follows me everywhere. She even cries a bit when I go to the washroom. lol. Rachael thinks it’s sick. But I think she is jealous that another girl loves me this much lol.  
Tristan loves her. He crawls around everywhere trying to get her. It’s actually very funny. Moxie also loves going for rides in the truck with me.
We are pleased so far.

Thank you, 
Jake and Rachel Reimer of Ontario Canada

Desert WindsTara
Adopted by Springville Labradoodles of Oregon
Past breeding prospect puppies adopted by listed breeders.
Desert Winds Thunderbolt
Adopted by Ladd Hill Australian Labradoodles 
Desert Winds Bailey's Irish Cream
Adopted by Tampa Bay Australian  Labradoodles 

What a little sweetheart !
Bailey had a busy afternoon. The guardian family came over to see him and absolutely loved him. Who wouldn't !!! He is getting along well with all our kids and they are accepting him well !

When he was ready for his nap, we put him in his crate with his new puppy bed like the one you guys have. Not a peep out of him. He laid down without a fuss and went right to sleep. Hopefully he will do well tonight. 
Thanks so much for a fabulous boy !

Here are the pics we took when he got home.

Karen Stanford of Tampa Bay, Florida