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Girl 6 - Yellow Collar
Desert Winds Stevie's Pride and Joy and Cedar Bend's Johnnie Walker Red

Stevie had Seven Puppies on February 26th

5 Girls and 2 Boys
Boy 5 -  Hunter Green Collar
Desert Winds Stevie's Pride and Joy
Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
Stevie is our gorgeous deep dark red medium girl with a wavy fleece coat. She is the daughter of Cinnamon Girl and Chase. She lives with us and rules the roost here with other dogs, but is very gentle, loving and cuddly with people. Stevie produces stunning red puppies! 

Johnnie is our sweet apricot-red small medium boy with a wavy fleece coat. He lives in a local Guardian home with another breed of doodle and 4 children. He is a sweet, loving, playful, and happy lil guy. 

Together Stevie and Johnnie produce gorgeous apricot and red puppies with wavy and silky fleece coats. Their puppies should mature to approximately 25-35 pounds 17-19 inches tall.  


1. Breeder reservation - Male or Female
2. Barclay family reservation - Male
3. Davenport family reservation - Male
4. Christensen family reservation - Male or Female
5. Zenyuh family reservation - Male or Female
6. Pickering family reservation - Male or Female
7. Dodge-Kennedy family reservation - Female

Breeder cancellation reservations

1. Vogiatzis puppy application - Female

Born February 26, 209

Week 8

April 23, 2019
The Girls
Desert Winds Lil Miss Harper
Joining the Zenyuh family
Desert Winds Mischievous Molly
Joining the Dodge-Kennedy family
Desert Winds Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
DWL Breeding Prospect 
Available to local Guardian home

Desert Winds Adventurous Lady Sasha
Joining the Christensen family
Desert Winds Lola Beatrice
Joining the Pickering family
The Boys
Desert Winds Chasing Elijah
Joining the Davenport family
Desert Winds Bartholomew McGruff 
Joining the Barclay family
Watch us Grow !!!
Girl 1 - Purple Collar
Girl 2 - Pink Collar
Girl 3 - Peach Collar
Girl 4 - Aqua Collar
Girl 5 - Lime Collar
Boy 1 - Red Collar
Boy 2 - Blue Collar