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Girl 6 - Yellow Collar
Boy 5 -  Hunter Green Collar
Born October 21, 2019

Week 8

December 16, 2019
Vinton Valley God's Gift Mateo
Desert Winds Alizon Me (All Eyes On Me) "Zoey" and 
Vinton Valley God's Gift Mateo

Zoey and Mateo had ELEVEN beautiful puppies on October 21, 2019
Seven Girls and Four Boys

Puppies ready for new homes in time for CHRISTMAS!!
Desert Winds Alizon Me "Zoey"
(All Eyes On Me)

Zoey is our gorgeous large medium silver-chocolate girl.  She is the daughter of Hunter and our personal pet Suzy Q.  She has a gorgeous fleece coat and an unusual light silver cream brown colored coat that people find stunning.  She is a service dog for her Guardian and wears a vest and travels every where with her and everyone she meets admires her beauty and obedience. She is very sweet, calm and gentle like her mother.  This is Zoey's first litter and we are excited to see the beautiful puppies she ha produced!

Mateo is our new small medium cafe chocolate boy.  He just sired his first litter of beautiful puppies for us this summer.  He lives with his best buddy Coppertone Tanner the red Cockapoo in a Guardian home in Highlands Ranch.  He is a super sweet, playful and fun boy with a curly fleece coat.  

Together he and Zoey have produced puppies that will be medium in size, likely ranging from approximately 25-35 pounds and 17-19 inches in height.  All coats will be fleece and range from wavy to curly in colors of chocolate and chocolate parti (parti means 50-99% white with patches of color).  

This litter is fully booked.

1. Kuchinski family reservation - Male 
2. Sumner family reservation - Female 
3. Miner family reservation - Male
4. Manke family reservation - Male or Female
5. Shalberg family reservation - Female 
6. Livingston family reservation - Female
7. Osborne family reservation - Male or Female
8. Dawson-Ruiz family reservation - Female
9. McGovern family reservation - Male
10. Lamb family reservation - Male or Female
11. Borgos family reservation - Female

The Girls
Desert Winds Emerson Winter
Joining the Osborne family
Desert Winds Coco Bella
Joining the Dawson Ruiz family
Desert Winds Charles Dickens
Joining the Livingston family
Desert Winds Roly Poly Ravioli
Joining the Sumner family
The Boys
Desert Winds Sir David Doodle 
Pooch McKettler
Joining the McGovern family
Desert Winds Alexander Hamilton
Joining the Kuchiniski family
Desert Winds Elway The Great
Joining the Miner Family
Desert Winds Louis Tyrian
Joining the Lamb family
Watch us Grow!!!
Girl 1 - Pink Collar
Girl 2 - Red Collar
Girl 3 - Orange Collar
Girl 4 - Purple Collar
Girl 5 - Yellow Collar
Girl 6 - Lime Collar
Girl 7 - Dark Pink Collar
Boy 1 - Blue Collar
Boy 2 - Green Collar
Boy 3 - Brown Collar
Boy 4 - Teal Collar
Desert Winds Charley Jack
Joining the Borgos family
Desert Winds LasterDayz Brown Bear
Joining the Manke Family
Desert Winds Izzn’t She Lovely
Joining the Shalberg family