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Boy 5 -  Hunter Green Collar
Born March 2, 2020
​Week 8
April 27, 2020
Bella is our little apricot-red mini girl, the daughter of our sweet Rainy and Bode. She has a beautiful wavy fleece coat, and is very sweet, calm and submissive. 

Doc is our caramel and cream miniature boy. He is a stocky little guy with a curly fleece coat and a super fun, playful and sweet temperament. He loves everyone and every dog he meets! 

Together they have produced cream, gold, apricot and red puppies approx. 14 to 16 inches tall and weigh approximately 15-25 pounds. Coats will be wavy to curly fleece. All puppies will have black noses and brown eyes. 

Desert Winds Ma Belle Amie AKA "Bella"
and Golden Gates "Doc" Holiday

Bella and Doc had 6 beautiful puppies 
(5 Boys and 1 Girl)
On March 2, 2020

1. Herschler family reservation - Male
2. Hogue family reservation - Female
3. Shloss family reservation - Male 
4. Haas family reservation - Male
5. Flake family reservation - Male
6. Kramer family reservation - Male

This litter is fully booked!
Desert Winds Ma Belle Amie 

Golden Gate's "Doc" Holiday

The Girl
Desert Winds Winifred The Pooh
Joining the Hogue family
The Boys
Desert Winds Master Rupert
Joining the Flake family
Desert Winds Heaven's Comfort
Joining the Herschler family
Desert Winds Beauregard Beau
Joining the Shloss family
Desert Winds Ovi Bauer
Joining the Haas family
Desert Winds Oliver Grayson
Joining the Kramer family
Watch us Grow!!!
Girl - Red Collar
Boy 1 - Blue Collar
Boy 2 - Green Collar
Boy 3 - Purple Collar
Boy 4 - Teal Collar
Boy 5 - Orange Collar
The Boys