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Purple Collar Girl

Stevie is the medium daughter or Cinnamon and Chase.  She has a gorgeous deep dark red wavy fleece coat!  She is so beautiful everyone stops to inquire about her!  She loves to chase lizards and mice and is so funny circling round and round fixtures in the yard that she saw them run under trying to get them to come out! 

Johnnie is our adorable small medium red stud muffin. He lives in a loving Guardian home with another of our DWL studs and the boys love to wrestle and play! 

Together Stevie and Johnnie will produce gorgeous apricot-red puppies with wavy fleece coats.  Puppies should mature to approximately 17-20" tall and weigh 30-40 pounds. 

Stevie and Johnnie's litter will be ready for new homes in early October. 


1. Killough family reservation: Male
2. Ford family reservation: Male

We will repeat this litter in 2019

Desert Winds Stevie's Pride and Joy
Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
August 13, 2018

Week 8
October 8, 2018
Boy 1 - Red Collar
Boy 2 - Blue Collar
"Life is Good"
Desert Winds Stevie's Pride and Joy and Cedar Bend's Johnnie Walker Red

Stevie had two beautiful boys on 
August 13, 2018
Watch us Grow!!!
Boy 1 - Red Collar
Boy 2 - Blue Collar