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Purple Collar Girl

Born March 8, 2020
Week 8
May 2, 2020
Desert Winds Leather and Lace "Lacey" and 
Pine Winds Marshall Tucker "Riley"

Lacey and Riley had 13 puppies
on March 8, 2020
8 Girls and 5 Boys
Lacey is the largest girl in our program.  She is a beautiful dark chocolate parti with a curly fleece coat.  She is the daughter of retired Peppermint PADI and Chase. She loves to play with other dogs, loves the outdoors , and grandkids of her Guardians.  She had her first litter in 2019 with Riley's dad Hunter and had a large litter of gorgeous puppies.

Riley is the biggest boy in our program.  His mom is a standard sized dog and is a facility therapy dog, which Riley could easily be too.  His dad is our small medium dark chocolate boy Hunter.  Riley loves everyone and is so sweet, calm and loving. His is a great emotional support dog for his wonderful Guardian!

Together Lacey and Riley will produce cream, caramel and chocolate puppies, solid coats with white markings.  All eyes will be gold-green and noses rose to brown.  We expect their puppies to mature to approx. 35-45 pounds and be 19-21 inches tall.  Coats will be wavy to curly fleece. 

This litter is fully booked!

​1. Centurione family reservation - Chocolate Male 
2. Caprarola family reservation - Chocolate Female
3. Miller family reservation - Chocolate Male
4. Fullerton family reservation - Caramel Female
5. Burkle family reservation - Caramel Female
6. Bonino family reservation - Caramel Male
7. Arafin family reservation - Caramel Female
8. Zyren family reservation - Chocolate Female
9. O'Daniel family reservation - Chocolate Female
10. Carson family reservation - Chocolate Male
11. Bufkin family reservation - Caramel Male
12. Sanders family reservation - Chocolate Female
​13. Strong family reservation - Caramel Female

Desert Winds Leather and Lace "Lacey"
Pine Winds Marshall Tucker "Riley"
The Girls
Desert Winds Adelaide Kea
Joining the Strong family
Desert Winds Princess Poppy
Joining the Burkle family
Desert Winds Princess Sage
Joining the Fullerton family 
Desert Winds Kona Girl
Joining the Caprarola family
Desert Winds Duchess Darcy Doodle
Joining the Zyren family
Desert Winds Coco Sugarpuff
Joining the Arafin family
Desert Winds Frankie Lu
Joining the O'Daniel family
Desert Winds Charli Eloise
Joining the Sanders family 
The Boys
Desert Winds Blue River
Joining the Miller family 
Desert Winds Cioccolato Bacino
Joining the Centurione family
Desert Winds Archie Baker
Joining the Bufkin family
Desert Winds Rocky May
Joining the Carson family 
Desert Winds School's Out Till August "Auggie"
Joining the Bonino family 
Watch us Grow!!!
Girl 1 - Pink Collar
Girl 2 - Dark Purple Collar
Girl 3 - Yellow Collar
Girl 4 - Peach Collar
Girl 5 - Light Purple Collar
Girl 6 - Red Collar
Girl 7 - Teal Collar
Girl 8 - Hot Pink Collar
Boy 1 - Blue Collar
Boy 2 - Green Collar
Boy 3 - Orange Collar
Boy 4 - Gray Collar
Boy 5 - Black Collar