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Desert Winds Crystal Blue Persuasion 
Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
Crystal and Johnnie had 7 beautiful puppies (3 Girls and 4 Boys) on November 21, 2019
Crystal is our beautiful caramel girl with cute white markings.  She is the daughter of our foundation dogs Brooke and Quinn (see retired dogs page)  Crystal and her sister Autumn (recently retired) live in a loving Guardian home in Pueblo with a family with a little girl, who affectionately nicknamed Crystal Kiss-tal because she gives so many kisses to the child.  Crystal is sweet and calm, loves to go for walks and camping.  This will be Crystal's retirement litter.  She has produced some gorgeous puppies for us!

​Johnnie is our red small medium boy that also has a beautiful wavy fleece coat. Johnnie has been producing very beautiful puppies for Desert Winds the past year. He also lives in a loving Guardian home in Pueblo West with 4 older children and adolescents. He is a sweet, loving and fun boy.

Crystal and Johnnie produced puppies that will be small mediums,  approx 17-18" tall and weigh between 25-30+ pounds at maturity. Colors will be caramel, apricot and red. All will have fleece coats.

Puppies will be ready for new homes January 18th.

This litter is completely booked:

1. Mills family reservation - Female
2. Gibson family reservation - Male
3. Lindner family reservation - Female
4. Bessey family reservation - Male
5. Hebert family reservation - Male
6. O'Brien family reservation - Male
​7. Pault-Atiase family reservation - Female
Desert Winds Crystal Blue Persuasion
Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
Born November 21, 2019

Week 8

January 16, 2020
The Girls
Desert Winds Molly Mei
Joining the Mills family
Desert Winds Lulu Dahlia
Joining the Pault-Atiase family
Desert Winds Beautiful Belle
Joining the Lindner family
The Boys
Desert Winds Mando Maddog Mandalorian
Joining the O'Brien family
Desert Winds Teddy Lou
Joining the Hebert family
Desert Winds Bowie Stardust
Joining the Bessey family
Desert Winds Kona Ula
Joining the Gibson family
Watch us Grow!!!
Girl 1 - Red Collar
Girl 2 - Pink Collar
Girl 3 - Yellow Collar
Boy 1 - Blue Collar
Boy 2 - Green Collar
Boy 3 - Purple Collar
Boy 4 - Brown Collar