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Sally and Johnnie Puppies
Born January 11, 2019

Week 8 - March 8, 2019
Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
Desert Winds Mustang Sally

Sally is our gorgeous small-medium red girl, the daughter of our beloved Cinnamon girl and granddaughter of our foundation girl Brooke.  She has the cutest little Muppet face and a beautiful wavy fleece coat.  She is a trained service dog for her Guardian and gets to go everywhere with her!  She loves to play with her toys, and chase balls, go for walks and cuddle! We can't wait to see the beautiful amazing puppies that Sally will produce for us with her first litter! 

Johnnie is our gorgeous small-medium apricot-red boy. He is very sweet and loving. He has a gorgeous wavy fleece coat.  He has produced some amazing puppies for us!

Together Sally and Johnnie hve produced medium puppies that should mature to approximately 17-19" tall and weigh 25-35 pounds.  Colors will be solid caramel, apricot and red, with either rose noses and gold eyes, or black noses and brown eyes. We expect coats to all be wavy fleece.  

We expect Sally's puppies to be ready for new homes approx. mid-March, 2019.


1. Hill family reservation - Female
2. Schroder family reservation - Female
3. Ficco family reservation - Male
4. Altenburg family reservation - Female
5. Dennis family reservation - Male
6. Simpson family reservation - Male
7. Howerton family reservation - Female
8. Doran family reservation - Male
9. Penwill-Gregg family reservation - Female

Desert Winds Sally Grace
Joining the Howerton Family
The Girls
Desert Winds Allie Bauer
Joining the Schroder Family
Desert Winds Lady Amelia 
Joining the Altenburg Family
Desert Winds Sunshine's Lyra 
Joining the Penwill-Gregg family
Desert Winds Lovely Lola
Joining the Hill Family
The Boys
Desert Winds Chief Charles McPhog
Joining the Simpson Family
Desert Winds Tuscan San Gio Vese
Joining the Ficco Family
Desert Winds Joey Montana
Joining the Doran Family
Desert Winds Travler Charley
Joining the Dennis Family
Desert Winds Mustang "Sally" and
Cedar Bend's "Johnnie" Walker Red

Sally had 9 Beautiful Puppies Born on
January 11, 2019

5 Girls and 4 Boys

These puppies have all gone to their forever homes!
Girl 1 - Purple Collar
Girl 2 - Pink Collar
Girl 3 - Peach Collar
Girl 4 - Aqua Collar
Girl 5 - Lime Collar
Boy 1 - Red Collar
Boy 2 - Blue Collar
Boy 3 - Black Collar
Boy 4 - Yellow Collar
Watch Us Grow!!!!!