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May 31, 2020

Week 8

Born April 5, 2020
Desert Winds Never Ending "Story" and Tampa Bays Heavenly Ho-Ho "Hunter"
Story and Hunter had 7 fabulous puppies
on April 5, 2020
4 Girls and 3 Boys
Story is our sweet adorable small-medium chocolate cafe girl.  She lives with our mini girl Lil Blossom (AKA Roxie) in a loving Guardian home in Canon City with a senior couple and keeps them entertained with her fun antics!

Hunter is our gorgeous dark chocolate medium boy who is very loving and sweet.  He lives in a Guardian home in Denver with a mini boy and a family of boys of various ages.  He is a joy to all in his home.  

This is a repeat breeding of Story and Hunter because they produce spectacular puppies!  They had puppies with wavy to curly fleece coats in colors of caramel, chocolate and parti (50-90% white with patches of caramel or chocolate.  Puppies should mature to be 17-19" tall and weigh between 25-35 pounds.  

​This litter is fully booked!

​1. Chial family reservation - Male
2. Wright family reservation - Female
3. Long family reservation - Female
4. Davies family reservation - Female
5. Slocom family reservation - Male
6. Gordon family reservation - Female
7. Hall family reservation - Male

Desert Winds Never Ending Story 
Tampa Bays Heavenly Ho-Ho Hunter
The Girls
Girl 1 Red collar
Desert Winds Sweet Mochi Girl
Joining the Gordon family
Girl 2 Pink Collar
Desert Winds Ollie Girl
Joining the Davies family
Girl 3 Yellow Collar
Desert Winds Annie Leighton
Joining the Long family
Girl 4 Orange Collar
Desert Winds Wonderful Winnifred
Joining the Wright family
The Boys
Boy 1 Blue Collar
Desert Winds Sir Walter of Parker
Joining the Slocum family
Boy 2 Green Collar
Desert Winds Leading Edge
Joining the Chial family
Boy 3 Purple Collar
Desert Winds Rocky Mountain
Joining the Hall family
Watch Us Grow!!!
Girl 1 - Red Collar
Girl 2 - Pink Collar
Girl 3 - Yellow Collar
Girl 4 - Orange Collar
Boy 1 - Blue Collar
Boy 2 - Green Collar
Boy 3 - Purple Collar