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Born May 25, 2018

Week 8

July 20, 2018
Crystal and Johnnie had nine beautiful puppies on May 25, 2018
Five Boys and Four Girls
Ready for new homes on July 21, 2018
Desert Winds Crystal Blue Persuasion 
and Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
Crystal is a gorgeous caramel small medium girl with white mismarks, She is the daughter of Brooke and Quinn and lives with her sister Autumn in a Guardian Home with a little girl.  Crystal is very playful and gives lots of kisses, so the little girl calls her "Kiss-tal".  She has a soft wavy fleece coat. 

Johnnie is a gorgeous small medium red boy.  He lives in a Guardian Home with Stevie.  He is very playful, smart, loving and beautiful.  His parents are larger mediums so he produces the full range of medium sized dogs.  He has a soft wavy fleece coat. 

Together Crystal and Johnnie have produced all caramel, apricot and red puppies with wavy fleece coats.  Some may be solid colored, some may have some white mismarks like Crystal.  Some will have black noses and brown eyes, others may have brown noses and gold-green eyes.  They should mature to approximately 17-20 inches tall and 25-40 pounds at maturity. 

​This litter is fully booked.

1. Breeder reservation - Male 
2. Hamilton family reservation - Male
3. Nagl-Harris family reservation - Male or Female
4. Sloat family reservation - Male or Female
5. Deprimio family reservation - Female
6. Rasmussen family reservation - Male or Female
7. Hartman family reservation - Female
8. Farrell family reservation - Male
​9. Egbert family reservation - Female

Desert Winds Crystal Blue Persuasion
Cedar Bends Johnnie Walker Red
The Girls
Desert Winds Sadie Magnolia 
Joining the Hartman Family
Desert Winds Maisey Pearl
Joining the Egbert Family
Desert Winds Bella Luna
Joining the Deprimio Family
Deset Winds Sunny May
Joining the Sloat Family
The Boys
Desert Winds Cooper Greyson
Joining the Rasmussen Family
Desert Winds Grand Sundance
Joining MileHigh Doodles
Desert Winds Mangy Moose on the Loose
Joining the Farrell Family
Desert Winds Unchartered Territory
Joining the Nagl-Harris Family
Desert Winds Triple J Jasper
Joining the Hamilton Family
Watch us Grow!!!
Girl 1 - Purple Collar
Girl 2 - Pink Collar
Girl 3 - Peach Collar
Girl 4 - Aqua Collar
Boy 1 - Red Collar
Boy 2 - Black Collar
Boy 3 - Blue Collar
Boy 4 - Yellow Collar
Boy 5 - Hunter Collar
Hey, we like this Goats Milk!!