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Desert Winds Labradoodles Puppy Application
NOTE: All of our puppies are allocated based on temperament upon completion of the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test performed by an outside tester on the day the puppies turn 7 weeks of age.  Puppies are matched to applicants by the tester and you will be informed via email which puppy has been chosen for you on that day. In addition to this application, a deposit of $500.00 is required to add your name to the litter's waiting list.  Your answers to the following questions and any additional information you provide about your family lifestyle will aid the tester in choosing the right puppy for you.
Full Name:
Nearest MAJOR airport (if shipping):
Which litter are you applying for a puppy from?
If that litter is booked, which litter would be your second choice?
• Flexible could mean that you might receive a puppy sooner, depending on availability.
• There is very little difference in sexes with the Australian Labradoodles breed, as this was an intentional    virtue bred for by the Breeding Research Centers in Australia.

Size: Please choose your size preference (Note: we do not breed the standard size).

• We cannot guarantee size due to ancestor’s genes passing through, so dogs at maturity could be a 
   little smaller or larger than their parents.)

Color: Please list color in order of preference by numbers 1-6, with #1 being your first choice.

We do not guarantee color; it is up to you to choose a litter that has colors/markings acceptable to 

You must be willing to take any puppy from the litter that you put your deposit on regardless of         color/markings, so choose your litter accordingly.

We DNA test our dogs for their color genes, so we know what a pair bred will produce. Read carefully 
        on our upcoming litters page the description of each litter for what colors/markings they will produce.


Temperament:      Please list in order of preference by number 1-3, with #1 being your first choice.  

(Note: All Australian Labradoodles love to play, walk, and cuddle; the breed’s general temperament is not hyper, but soft, submissive, and non-aggressive.)

Choose which is most important to you based on your lifestyle and activities the dog will join in. 

Calm: Loves just hanging out and being with you, loves to cuddle and be a lap dog, more content at home than on adventures, enjoys leisurely walks  

Medium: Loves to play, go wherever you go, and cuddling, enjoys longer walks/hiking     

Energetic: Waits for you to play, always wants to go with you, loves to cuddle often but for shorter lengths of time, loves walks, hikes, running, swimming, and most happy doing anything fun with you  

Coat: Please list coat type in order of preference by number 1-3, with #1 being your first choice

We do not guarantee coat type. Read on the upcoming litters page for the parent’s coat types to know         what coat type they “likely” may produce, but understand genes from previous generations come         through. Puppy’s coat may change with maturity when its adult coat comes in (approx. 7-9 months of         age.) By the time the adult coat comes in, you won’t care what type of coat your dog has!

Fleece/Wavy (Loose silky curls)          Fleece/Curly (Tighter silky curls)         

Wool/Curly (Tighter soft cottony curls)   

When will you be ready to receive your puppy? 


Does anyone in your family suffer from dog-related allergies?

(Please provide details)

What age group are the adults in your household?           

Do you have children living in the home? If yes, what ages?  

Have you owned a dog before?  

(Please provide details) 

Do you have other pets in the home? 

(Please provide details)  

QUESTIONS (to help the temperament tester choose your puppy):

Why have you chosen an Australian Labradoodle?  

Do you plan to train your puppy for a therapy/service dog?   

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Where will the puppy spend most of it’s time during the day? (House/Crate/Kennel, etc.)

How many hours a day will the puppy be alone?

Will the puppy have a midday break/playtime?

Do you have a fenced yard?             If not, how do you plan to protect/confine your puppy?

Where will your puppy sleep?  

Who will have the most responsibility for your puppy?  

What activities will you participate in with your dog? 

  How often?   

How did you hear about Desert Winds Labradoodles?

If you can recall, please list what you typed into the search engine:

Personal Referral:

DWL Customer Referral (please include name if known):

Please use the rest of this page and the following page if needed, to type anything else you would like us to know to help the temperament tester choose the right puppy for your family.

 (14-16" at shoulder and approx. 15-25 pounds)
(17-20” at shoulder and approx. 25-40 pounds) 
Parti (50% or more white with patches of color):
  Search Engine:   
Breed Club:
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