Adopted Puppies and Testimonials
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Desert Winds Aspen
Adopted by Linda and Roma of Ontario, Canada
Desert Winds Obi
Adopted by Bill and John of New York
(with housemate Lilah)
Desert Winds Dryden
Adopted by the Gale Family of Quebec, Canada
Desert Winds Sadie
Adopted by The Burmeister Family of Kansas City, MO
Desert Winds Cooper
Adopted by The House Family of Pueblo West, Colorado

Desert Winds MAXX
Adopted by The Heidrich Family of Denver, Colorado
Desert Winds Coal Miner
Adopted by the Miller Family of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hi Tracy,
Aspen is very sweet, loving and affectionate.  He loves children and puppies.  He is good with other dogs.  He is house-trained.  In fact, he is door bell trained - he will ring a bell on the door handle when he wants to go out.  His markings are very nicely balanced. –Linda

Hi Tracy,
Aspen weighed in at 9.1kg (just over 20 lbs) just before Christmas, at 4 months 3 weeks of age, and is about 16" tall. He is, indeed, very loving and lovable. I call him a "big suck" because he wants to greet everyone who comes to our house and get as many cuddles as possible.
Whenever Amore or Garnet come seeking affection, he has to butt in and some love too. He and Amore are best friends and play well together. Aspen is good with my children and friends we have had over. He visits the school playground occasionally for early morning playtime, and loves to greet the children there. -Roma
He's very busy when he's awake, and he and Lilah play for hours, and enjoy long walks on our property in the afternoons.  Our biggest difficulty is getting all of the burrs off of his face and paws.  Our nick name for Lilah is Peanut, and when Obi is being goofy we call him "Monkey" because of the way his wavy hair looks, his long legs and his crazy energy.  He likes to wave at you, so I'm trying to teach him to shake.
He goes into his crate on his own at bedtime, and has been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now.  He's up to 30 lbs, and growing, is as tall as Lilah, and starting to get his adult teeth.  He has learned to sit, and sits pretty and doesn't slouch over on one hip like some puppies.  I can't wait to see how he takes to the pool this summer.  
I'm sure he'll be a fish.  The two of them love to play fetch and Lilah likes to tease him with toys, prompting long sessions of tug-of-war.  Thank you for sending him with a deer antler.  We have now bought several, and give them as gifts to our friends with dogs since they are a favorite treat in our house, and last for months.
He's my shadow at home, and follows me all over the house.  And like a shadow it's almost impossible to get a good picture of his face with his dark eyes, but he's always wearing a big grin, or has his tongue lolling out of his mouth so he doesn't lack for expressiveness.  Again, we are all very happy to have him and he's a great fit for our family.  I'm looking forward to introducing him to my nieces when they come visit this summer.  Everybody loves Obi, and he's always such a happy guy.  I would recommend Desert Winds Labradoodles to anyone who is looking for a labradoodle puppy, as a first time pet, or an addition to the family. 
Bill, John, Lilah & Obi

Hi Tracy,
Maxx was as big surprise for our 5 year old son, Grey. He was very happy!! At first I do not think he could believe his eyes! Maxx walked up and gave him a big kiss and they have been together ever since. He is starting to bond with all of us. To quote our son "First he was at the North pole, then on Santa's Sleigh, and now in the city! He has had a busy few days!!"


Hi Tracy,

Coal is such an awesome dog! He makes me smile everyday! He prances like a horse and pounces like a cat and he's always so happy that his tail wags so fast that the rest of him wags too!! He's such a smart little/big guy.  It's so fun to watch him play - especially with squeaky toys.  He and Gabbie are interacting and getting along fine.  -Kris

Hi Tracy and Mike,

I just wanted to thank you for your help and continued help with purchasing Cooper.  I have never had the opportunity to own a dog because of my severe allergies and asthma.  You and Mike were so patient with me during my "trial days". I now feel so blessed and fortunate to call myself a dog owner.  It is truly a miracle that I am able to have Cooper with no allergic reactions.  Working with you and Mike through this process has been wonderful!  Not only do I have a dog that I never thought could have , I now have two friends as well.  
Thank you again - Diane 
Hi Tracy,  

Sadie is awesome.  She is really a wonderful dog.  She is pretty high energy and she is really coming out of her shell as far as being shy.  We have exposed her to a lot of people and events and she does really well.  Wonderfully gentle with the grand kids and my nieces.  My mom has pictures of my nieces on a lower shelf in the family room.  She runs up the the pictures, barks, wags her tail and jumps around like she is inviting them to play.  It is really funny to watch.  
She can sit, down, shake, high five.  We are working on rolling over.  She is almost there.  We are working on loose leash training, but it has been pretty cold here this week so we are not real motivated to go outside. 
She really looks like her Mama. She is about 17 lbs now and growing like a weed.  We are heading to Florida in the morning for 10 days.  Sadie is going to stay with Grandma and PaPa.  She loves going to their house to stay.  I will get you some photos as soon as I get back. - Janet

Hi Tracy,

I have been meaning to send you pictures of Dryden.  He has grown and is delightful.   Early January he weighed 14 lbs.  He loves to play and is a happy puppy.  He enjoys the snow but wants to come right back in when it is very cold outside.  I think he is toilet trained now...he has not had any accidents in a long time.  He tells us or shows signs when he needs to go.   He is also smart. His only flaw is that he likes to bite feet and calves! It only hurts when he gets excited and his sharp little canines get in the way.   We are teaching him to be gentle and when he is not, he knows right away and escapes under the kitchen table where we can't catch him to give him a time out in his crate.  This weekend he discovered how to open the kitchen drawer where all the dish towels are and he likes to take them and run away with them.  He loves to chew on them.  He started sleeping through the night quite early which was really nice.  He is simply a cutie.  Everyone loves him.  The children have a wonderful time with him and he makes them laugh.  I will send you some pictures as soon as I can. -Miranda

Hi Tracy,

Obi and Lilah are doing fantastic.  Obi finished all of his puppy shots in December, and our vet is quite impressed with him.  He is such a welcome addition to our family, it must have been fate that we decided to get a puppy when we did, because I can't quite imagine having anybody else but Obi.  He's happy to take a back seat to Lilah, and has grown quite agile at staying just beyond her reach when she's being particularly bossy.  It's funny to watch him take a big leap sideways when she takes a swipe at him.  

Desert Winds Dewey
Adopted by Patrick and Joanne Regan of
 Duck, North Carolina
Hi Tracy:

Dewey is the perfect addition to our family. He is the smartest and most fun-loving dog!

We installed an invisible fence and in an hour he knew what the parameters were.

If television watching is a sign of intelligence, then Dewey is a genius!  He doesn't just look at the tv for a second...he actually watches it.  If he is in another room and he hears the music from a commercial that has dogs in it, he flies to sit in front of the tv!  Don't get him started on the gecko from Geico :)

Since we have had Dewey he has been quite the traveler and has stayed in many a hotel.  He is a hit wherever we stay.  The hotel concierge and doormen offer to take him for walks and we have been asked by many hotel guests and management where we got him!

Perhaps another is in our future!

Thanks again

The Regan family
We feel so lucky that we found Desert Winds Labradoodles, and got our adorable puppy "Jace" from them in June 2012.  Tracy was absolutely wonderful to work with and did an amazing job of educating us about the puppies, as well as finding the perfect fit for our family.  We couldn't be more thrilled with the puppy that we received.  Jace has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we can't imagine our lives without him.  He is so sweet and mellow, and is so good with our 8 year old twin boys. He makes us smile and laugh every day with his charming and playful nature.  We can't imagine a more perfect dog for our family. For anyone considering getting an Australian Labradoodle, I would highly recommend Desert Winds Labradoodles.  They are the best!! 

The Myers family in Kansas
 (Jeff, Andrea, Caden, Evan)

Desert Winds Jace
Adopted by The Myers family in Kansas
Halo will be three months tomorrow, and although he has been with us for only a little over a month we cannot see our lives without him. He is so loving and smart. He is getting along very well with our 2 year old son. We are so happy that they will grow up together. He is the perfect dog, for our perfect little family. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and help. It’s so wonderful to always be able to contact you for any questions or just to share updates on Halo. He has been a true blessing to our family. ¡Gracias! 

Thar Arreloa Family
Carbondale, Colorado
Desert Winds Halo Nani
Adopted by The Arreola Family in Colorado
Desert Winds Rocky
Adopted by The Klein Family in Texas
Hi Tracy,

"Rocky is a beautiful, well behaved labradoodle, we could not be more happy with him and the process Tracy and Mike have for placing their wonderful dogs"

It has been a little over a week since we got little Vida and she has already brought so much happiness to our lives! She is getting settled in her new home and we are having a blast with her. She is so smart! We have already taught her to fetch, "come" on command, sit, and walk on a leash. So good for a 9 week old pup! She has been mistaken for a stuffed animal by friends and strangers on the street since she seriously looks like a Build-a-bear teddy bear. We took her to a party this past weekend and she was such a PAWTY animal :) She is the perfect addition to our family and we love her so much! 

Thanks for being so wonderful and helpful along the way through the adoption process. 
Laura & Nat

Desert Winds Pura Vida
Adopted by The Fraser Family in Colorado