Why Use Guardian Homes?

At Desert Winds Labradoodles, we believe all dogs deserve to be in a loving home and not have to live in a kennel. Because of this, our breeding dogs are either loving members of our family or live with another family that will provide them the love and attention they need. Because we are committed to producing the highest quality puppies we can, we raise our breeding girl's puppies in our home, where they are loved and handled by adults and children before they go to their forever homes. In order to expand our breeding program, we need the help of qualified Guardian Homes willing to raise breeding dogs for us in their homes with all of the love and care that we would give them if we could keep them all ourselves! 

What Is A Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a person or family that acquires one of our breeding quality puppies to become a member of their family. Guardians must have an adult home most of the day and have a flexible enough schedule to get the dog to us when needed. They must agree to follow the conditions set forth under contract by Desert Winds Labradoodles while the dog is in our breeding program. When the dog is retired from breeding, we pay for spaying or neutering, and the contract expires. The dog then remains with the Guardian Home for life.

What Are The Benefits To You?

You will receive the finest quality breeding puppy              chosen by the breeder, to be your forever companion      without paying pet price for the dog.**

* We pay for the price of spaying or neutering the dog          when it is retired from breeding. 

* You are preventing a breeding dog from ever having to     experience kennel life!

** References and deposit required.
Requirements of Guardian Homes:

Live within a 2 hour driving distance from Denver, Colorado during the length of the contract.

* Have a combined household income of at least 75K or an individual income of at least 40K.

* Have an adult home most of the time.

* Have dependable transportation and fully flexible           daytime schedules.

* Provide a drug and smoke-free environment.

Provide a fully fenced yard. (No invisible fencing)

Provide basic obedience training.

Provide proper socialization to people, children, and       animals.

Provide regular health and veterinary care, including       annual exams and vaccinations.

Communicate with us any concerns about health or       condition of the dog.

Be willing to transport the dog to us for overnight visits to be comfortable in our home, (meaning 2 days in a       row for drop off and pick up,) for grooming bi-monthly, to our vets when needed, to us for breeding (to include         waiting until breeding has finished,) and leaving females   for 2 months with us for whelping and weaning of             puppies.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in becoming a Guardian Home, please contact us via email or telephone for more information. We would be happy to email you a copy of our standard Guardian Home agreement to view!
 "Quinn" with Guardian Larry
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Current Guardians 
 Peppermint "PADI" with Guardian Becky, her children, and PADI's toy poodle 
companion, Lucky 
Autumn, Crystal and Guardian Dolores 
at Garden of the Gods
"Chase" and "Cinnamon" 
with Guardian Kim
"Roxie" and "Story" with Guardians 
Rod and Lana
"Autumn" and "Crystal" with Guardians Sandy, Ben 
and daughter Abby
"Maizie" with Guardian Renee, daughter Anna, and 
Labradoodle buddy Bandit
 "Hunter" with Guardian Stephanie
"Maddie" and "Halle" with Guardians 
Larry and Lynn